Lina was the artist. Leti worked in luxury fashion.
And both had a knack for identifying pieces they wanted but could not find.

We are two middle-eastern hybrids, in love with travel, design and all things with an edge and turned a casual conversation one day on a couch into a jewelry label. LX2 Studio is born from our joint passion for drawing inspiration from our experiences of cities around the world. Together we design all pieces of LX2 Studio jewelry: from brainstorming articles, discussing history and architecture, analyzing our impressions of a city, to juicing out its essence and turning it into wearable design –basically a lot more conversations on the infamous couch..

Cities of the world are our inspiration, statement through minimalism is our style, and striving to offer what is lacking is our approach.

Here is jewelry with an UMPH.


The soul of a city lies beyond its monuments and traditions; its essence lies where it sets us into movement and becomes inspiration for creation and expression.

We own our design process from the initial concept to the final piece you wear. We dig deep into what moves and inspires us in a city and draw inspiration from it, before condensing them into shapes, finishes and gems that best express it to us. Behind every piece are countless conversations on he couch and high fives, filled with passion for detail and a pure love for expression. And hey.. we think they’re damn beautiful, just like you!


We choose high quality materials, and take our time. Trust us it’s worth the wait!

Great care is taken to produce collections made up of unique pieces whose statement design instilled with clean and delicate details and cannot be found elsewhere. All pieces are 18 karat gold and hand-crafted, set with semi-precious stones and diamonds. But who knows.. some cities might inspire us to use other exciting materials. We will find out together, one city at a time.