Founded in 2017, LX2 STUDIO is a luxury fine jewelry brand inspired by cities of the world, the art scene and different cultures. The design house uses signature minimalistic edgy styles of combining precious and semi-precious stones with yellow and rose 18kt gold. LXII STUDIO is a brand that loves to give back, dedicating pieces from every collection to supporting an annual cause, close to the founders’ heart.

LXII celebrates 2 different cities through their collections: Berlin and Luxor. They have just launched the ASAAB capsule giving homage to childhood memories in Egypt.



LXII STUDIO was founded by Lina Kobeissi and Letitia Gasser. After meeting in Paris in 2009 the two maintained a close friendship throughout the years. Their mutual passion towards design and travel led to the birth of LXII STUDIO, a fine jewelry brand which draws its inspiration from different cultures and architecture of the world, one city at a time. Lina Kobeissi is a Lebanese German Interior Architect and Artist who grew up between Saudi and Lebanon. Kobeissi completed her Master’s degree in Design in Italy and has been working in this field for the past 7 years. Lina has always been interested in culture, travel and most of all design and art. LXII has proven to be the perfect place to express her passion in the form of jewelry.

Letitia Gasser is Egyptian Swiss and has spent the majority of her life in Cairo. Growing up close to a family business that specializes in fine Swiss watches, craftsmanship has always been at the fore-front of her interest in jewelry. Letitia completed an MBA specialized in fashion and luxury in Paris and has a 9 year experience in the beauty and luxury industry. Both her background and experience provided the perfect environment for her.