Berlin is known for its underground parties, the brutal concrete structures left behind by an industrial and harsh history. Abandoned warehouses reminiscent of a harsh era, now house creativity, art, light, life and yes…. Crazy parties.

The interplay between industrial metallic lines and fine rows of gems, makes for a delicate design that still wants to be worn as a statement. The shapes of the Berlin collection were inspired by the shadows and lights still found in the abandoned factories,

machines that have been left behind to and were once the heart of it all.

Neon and Umbra elements can be worn

effortlessly solo, but we urge you to stack and layer them for maximal effect! 



This city represents the richness, majesty and history of Egypt, that till this day remains a mysterious and exciting topic of discovery. Till this day you can visit temples, tombs, valleys, murals with captivating and untouched colors and details that the ancient Egyptians have left behind. 

Our collection’s theme is “Deconstructed Hieroglyphs”. They are pictographic scripts that represent either an action, a thing or an image. They are very symbolic, meaningful and the first real human writing system.

This collection features 4 stories, each inspired by a hieroglyph with a meaning and story that spoke to us; the Shenu, the N symbol, the Djed and the Eye of Horus.

For each story we have designed around 4 to 5 pieces.



During our time in quarantine we got very nostalgic and were both reminiscing on stories of our homelands and our parents memories and childhood.

One story particularly stood out - Sugarcane; one which plays an important role in Egypt’s agriculture but also in all Egyptians childhood memories. Sugarcane also called Asab in arabic has put a smile on generations for generations..

Letitia’s mom used to love telling the story of how sugarcane represents everything she loves about Egypt. It reminds her of her childhood in Ismailia (a small city on the Suez Canal) where. on every corner of the street, you’d have sugarcane trucks and on every summer nights with her siblings they’d sit on their terrace overlooking the water and munch on sugarcane.

The Asaab capsule is a clin d’oeil to Nostalgic Egypt, the Egypt our parents loved and praised! It’s an hommage to those little moments and stories that our parents told us, that just meant the world to them and us .

The capsule is an abstract concept of sugarcane sticks in 18k gold wrapped together in diamonds and oxidized gold to give it a timeless feel.